This category along with had one or two subcategories: (1) Fear of emerging ailment, and you can (2) Concern about sickness as opposed to a promoter

In reality, by become a father or mother, women can have you to definitely like and start to become well-liked by in the senior years and you will, given that only way being a mother or father from inside the Iran was to find married, the players wished to get married

“… I always say thank God that we am compliment today, but what ought i create easily get smaller with an excellent disease subsequently? …” (58 yrs . old).

“Alone just who protects me is actually my mommy, and if one-day she passes away, that will take care of me personally while i get smaller that have a disease” (37 years of age).


The primary conclusions of your own establish qualitative study was indeed one never-hitched feminine old 35 age and old advertised variety of requires and you can questions. Specifically, answers produced about three trick templates: mental-religious use up all your, change out of people and you will society, and you can handicap-related loneliness (each of which had been made up of groups and you may subcategories). The outcome of the present investigation put notably to the current literature where participants’ views covered an over-all sort of forgotten emotional, mental, sexual, and you will social needs and concerns. The range of responses even offers a keen illustrative portrait of exactly how their needs and you can inquiries connected with society as well as their desire having people together with some body in it voldsomt lojal kvinne to get into them in another way. Answers are today talked about in detail.

Professionals contained in this investigation desired to wed having an excellent spouse, to become a parent, to enjoy and start to become adored. Inside regard, today’s conclusions are similar to the results advertised from the Greitemeyer (2009); this study indicated that unmarried someone getting lonely and require team within their personal existence . Evident (2007) plus found that solitary feminine was in fact troubled and you will concerned about being by yourself, in addition to their best matter was not which have one youngsters . Your family is the most important source of service and you may closeness among some body , but throughout the years, someone lose its moms and dads and start to become lonelier, so that they want a person who likes them. At the same time, the necessity to end up being a mother or father appears to be natural for the every woman .

Study professionals and additionally alarmed that they would will always be solitary for the rest of the existence and you can create be an encumbrance on the parents within senior years. At the same time, these people were frightened to go into for the the wrong marriage ceremonies and and so so you can endure their damage. So it seeking try consistent with the research by Kajbaf (2008); within this analysis, never-married feminine quoted one of their questions as the maybe not shopping for a beneficial suitable spouse through the years and consequently recognizing relationship for the completely wrong individual . For the Iran, women always live with their loved ones up to wedding. So it development is additionally utilized in most other East communities such as for instance Indonesia and you may Malaysia . When parents pass away, women can be either forced to live with the sisters, and also if they have an income, they feel he or she is an encumbrance. Are an encumbrance for the others causes the feeling from thinking-hating, insignificance, a lower sense of belonging, and you can isolation . Qaderzadeh (2017) indicated that never-partnered ladies in traditional communities try less likely to live on their own and you can, as they age, they feel they are a burden to your group .

Rational rumination accompanied by such thoughts just like the emotional insecurity, depression, shame, and feel dissapointed about out-of watching the latest life out of married people have been appear to observed in the brand new participants’ responses. Having intellectual safety is one of the earliest people means one, in the event the satisfied, gives a guy peace of mind . The outcome out-of ) data revealed that married female thought so much more mentally secure than simply solitary women . The cause of the psychological defense are most likely because they noticed appreciated, and they got you to definitely help them to make essential ), married people scored finest for the mental health than just singles .

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