These kinds and additionally got two subcategories: (1) Concern about growing illness, and you will (2) Concern with ailment in the place of a supporter

In fact, from the as a mother, women may have people to like and stay loved by inside the retirement and you will, because best possible way becoming a father or mother into the Iran is actually to acquire partnered, the players desired to marry

“… I always say give thanks to Goodness which i was healthy today, exactly what can i varme Arabisk kvinner do if i get smaller with an effective disease subsequently? …” (58 years old).

“The only one whom manages me are my mom, and in case eventually she becomes deceased, who will look after me personally when i get smaller having a sickness” (37 years of age).


The key conclusions of present qualitative analysis had been that never-hitched women aged thirty-five many years and you may elderly reported form of demands and issues. Particularly, answers produced three secret themes: mental-religious lack, reform from people and people, and you will impairment-associated loneliness (all of which had been comprised of categories and subcategories). The outcome of one’s present studies incorporate significantly to the present literature in that participants’ viewpoints safeguarded a broad brand of forgotten emotional, mental, sexual, and you can social needs and you may inquiries. The variety of responses also offers a keen illustrative portrait of exactly how their requirements and concerns regarding community as well as their appeal getting area together with people in it to view all of them in another way. Answers are now chatted about in more detail.

People within this analysis desired to wed having good lover, becoming a parent, to love and get enjoyed. Contained in this value, the present results is actually similar to the show said because of the Greitemeyer (2009); this study indicated that single individuals getting alone and need business within public lives . Clear (2007) together with learned that unmarried female was basically stressed and you can concerned with are by yourself, and their greatest matter was not that have any pupils . The family is an essential source of support and you can closeness one of somebody , however, throughout the years, some body dump their parents and stay lonelier, so they really want an individual who enjoys all of them. Meanwhile, the requirement to be a moms and dad appears to be natural during the every woman .

Data members as well as worried that they would are nevertheless single into remainder of their lives and you will would getting a weight on their family inside their advancing years. At the same time, these were afraid to enter to your not the right marriages and you may and therefore to sustain the harm. Which trying to find is actually similar to the analysis because of the Kajbaf (2008); within analysis, never-married female quoted one of its concerns since not trying to find an effective suitable lover over time and therefore acknowledging marriage toward wrong individual . In the Iran, women constantly live with their families up to matrimony. So it pattern is even included in other Eastern communities such as Indonesia and you can Malaysia . When parents die, women are both obligated to accept its siblings, and even whether they have an income, they think they are a burden. Being an encumbrance with the someone else grounds an impact regarding notice-loathing, insignificance, a diminished feeling of that belong, and you may isolation . Qaderzadeh (2017) showed that never ever-married ladies in traditional societies are less likely to real time independently and you may, as they get older, they think they are a weight toward families .

Rational rumination with such as attitude because the emotional low self-esteem, depression, shame, and you may regret regarding watching the latest existence out-of married people have been apparently noticed in the brand new participants’ answers. Having rational safety is amongst the very first people demands one to, in the event that fulfilled, will provide a man satisfaction . The results off ) studies revealed that hitched feminine experienced so much more psychologically safer than single feminine . The reason for their psychological shelter try probably because they sensed respected, and they had anyone to assistance all of them in making crucial ), married people obtained better with the mental health than just single people .

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