Identity variations: Katherine or Catharine; (Spanish) Catalina

English queens whoever relationships so you’re able to, and in some cases deaths at the hands of, Henry VIII triggered this new founding of one’s Church away from The united kingdomt and one of the very the preferred epochs in the United kingdom monarchy. Catherine out of Aragon (1485–1536). Foreign language little princess, well-known to own their piety, self-esteem, and you can strength from reputation, who was simply king off The united kingdomt and you can spouse of Henry VIII having 24 ages. Knowledgeable on Language regal judge; betrothed to Arthur, prince out of Wales (1489); widowed (1502), lived-in seclusion and you will poverty for the next eight many years; acted as regent for Henry VIII (1513); confronted Henry VIII inside courtroom and appealed divorce or separation so you’re able to Rome (1529); banished away from court (1531); separated of Henry VIII because of the Archbishop Cranmer (1533).

Lady-in-looking forward to queens Catherine regarding Aragon and you may Anne Boleyn; started initially to have the attentions out of Henry VIII (1535); passed away after giving birth so you can Henry VIII’s simply men heir (1537)

Boleyn, Anne (c. English king whom precipitated the new English Reformation and provided birth so you can England’s most well-known queen, Elizabeth We. Term distinctions: Nan Bullen. Pronunciation: Bowlin. Born inside the 1507 (some supply cite 1501) someplace in England; conducted on may 19, 1536, in the London; child off Thomas Boleyn (good diplomat-courtier) and you will E Howard (d. Seymour, Jane (c. 3rd spouse off Henry VIII which offered beginning to the king’s simply men heir, Ed ward VI. Pronunciation: See-much more. Born up to 1509 (specific source mention 1506) into the England; passed away regarding puerperal fever in the Hampton Judge for the October 24, 1537; child out-of Sir John Seymour (an excellent courtier) and you can Margaret Wentworth (d.

Anne regarding Cleves (1515–1557). Italian language royal, who had been briefly partnered in order to Henry VIII and you will existed the others away from their particular lifetime within the England because the king’s «an excellent sister. Young, headstrong lady whom seized one’s heart of aging Henry VIII and turned into their fifth spouse. Born between 1520 and you will 1522 into the Lambeth, England; beheaded getting adultery and you may treason with the March 13, 1542, throughout the Tower off London; interred from the Chapel Royal, Tower away from London; daughter out of Lord Edmund Howard and you can Joyce Culpeper; first cousin away from Anne Boleyn (1507–1536); hitched Henry VIII (1491–1547), queen out of The united kingdomt (r. Parr, Catherine (1512–1548). Sixth spouse out-of Henry VIII, whoever tact and you may intelligence let their unique to act since regent and you can nursemaid toward ailing king. Name variations: Katherine Parr. Born when you look at the 1512 within the The united kingdomt; passed away of puerperal temperature toward Sep 5, 1548, following childbirth so you can good girl; daughter regarding Sir Thomas Parr regarding Kendal and Maud Greene Parr (1495–1529); married Edward Borough, within the 1529 (died 1532); married John Neville (1493–1543), third Lord Latimer, in 1533; partnered Henry VIII (1491–1547), queen from The united kingdomt (r.

Produced towards the December 16, 1485, in The country of spain; died regarding cancer for the January eight, 1536, into the Kimbolton, England; child out of Isabella I (1451–1504), queen away from Castile, and you may Ferdinand II, king out-of Aragon (roentgen

Widowed twice ahead of marrying Henry VIII (1543); acted since the regent (1544); penned and you will composed spiritual treatise (1545); contended with Henry over spiritual products and you can is actually almost found guilty away from heresy (1546); Henry VIII died (January 1547); had written second religious treatise (1547). Chosen e-books: Prayers and Meditations (1545); Lamentations away from a great Sinner (1547). Henry VIII is the most England’s most well-known leaders. A lot of his character and you can magnificence rests up on the point that the guy selected none, however, half a dozen feminine, to-be his spouse throughout their 38-season rule. Of them six wives, the guy divorced a couple of, a couple even more was conducted because of the his order, and something outlived your. Each one of his wives, conserve perhaps Catherine Howard, shown cleverness, self-esteem, and you will dedication during their matrimony into irascible and headstrong Henry.

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